Urban Design proposal

Using our experience working in the public realm in Barcelona we are looking at the possibility of pedestrianising a section of Kennington Lane. Vauxhall is undergoing major change but described by Tom Dyckhoff as “less a place more a circle of hell” the problem of traffic is a major challenge. Transport for London are looking at “unpacking” gyratories such as the one round this section of Kennington Lane, by redirecting the traffic in both directions they could revitalize a row of shops to form a “high street “. There are all the ingredients for a successful public space; the primary school, the well attended St Anne’s church, cafes, pubs and shops and the urban farm round the corner, but the street is blighted by traffic. Our proposals limit access to delivery vehicles though retaining the bus stop which provides footfall. The cafes and pub can have outside seating and the church can have a proper forecourt for its congregation to gather in, instead of on the narrow pavement where they currently huddle after weddings, communions and funerals while speeding traffic races by.
Initial informal consultations with Lambeth, TFL and local residents have been positive and we are hoping these proposals will become part of the overall strategy for the regeneration of the area.