A beach house.

As Architects our skill is the remodeling of spaces to make them appropriate for the activities they contain. The transformation of this beachside property in Norfolk demonstrates this admirably, with the layout completely rearranged within the existing “footprint” of the house. A generous entrance hall provides a buffer from the often harsh outdoors, and gives a sense of grandeur to this otherwise modest house. The snug with its cherry panelling has a touch of luxury reminiscent of ocean liners. The bedrooms are remote from the living area for sleeping or working if the house is full. The main room is the focal point for chatting, cooking and dining. The outside spaces are considered in a similar way, with sheltered sitting and dining areas to compliment the grassy lawn open to the sea. The small budget meant all the materials had to be available at the local builders merchants, and used carefully, with attention to detail ,they made a simple stylish house, ideal as a weekend retreat.

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Date: 2006 
Floor area: 75m sq
Budget: £48,000