This artist’s studio was commissioned when we had recently completed a project opposite. Our client admired the neighbouring building and wanted to create something of a twin.
Her programme was for a painting studio with large well-lit walls without shadows or sunlight and for storage of completed works and the materials and tools needed for working practice. The space would also serve as an exterior and interior permanent exhibition for her late husband’s esteemed ceramics. Through the evolution of the project her artist son’s metalwork screening was also incorporated.
Howel Evans and Opher created a perforated box with moving walls concealing the storage required whilst negotiating the delicate relationship with the domestic functions of the existing house. A subtle manipulation of levels creates a dynamic physical relationship with the beautiful garden beyond, a kind of reflective balance between inside and outside, art and landscape.

“I am still enjoying my studio I am so happy in it and am working very hard at painting. When out I can’t wait to get back to it. The trouble is everybody else loves being in it.“

Architects’ Journal Small Projects Awards 2014