The Evening Standard – (Homes and Property)
Wednesday 14 April 2004

PROJECT: Thirst OX1 – Refit of Oxford bar

“Problem solving is a major theme in this scheme, and for Jane Opher and David Howel-Evans of heostudio, the challenge was to transform Oxford’s Thirst lounge bar and restaurant in just four days. The owner Spirit Bars, wanted the work done during a short lull before the University’s Spring Term began. “Our solution was to design the new interior so it could be made in pieces that would fit together on site like a jigsaw,” explains Howel-Evans, adding that “everything was measured at least four times”. Pre-cast fibre-cement panels were made to line the space “like concrete wallpaper”, a new stainless steel case was made to wrap around the old concrete bar, furniture was made offsite and then everything was delivered in vans and fixed into place. Meanwhile, floors were sanded and refinished, lighting upgraded and new tiling added all within the four days and with a budget of £40,000.”