The Evening Standard  – (Homes and Property)
Wednesday 16 April 2003

PROJECT: Bonnington Square – House conversion/refurbishment

“David Howel-Evans of heostudio, focused on his family’s use of space and ingeniously divided his South London Victorian home into two flats. He sold off the lower one, which provided useful funding for the building of his office. “We had lived in the house for more than three years and done some work on it, but realised that we weren’t really making use of the top floor or the roof terrace, which has great views. So the idea was to open up to the roof and shift the family upwards, leaving space on the ground level to make a separate flat.”
The work included removing walls in the whole upper part of the house and taking off the roof, then remodelling the space, putting a huge living room right at the top. “We now have four and a half bedrooms and two bathrooms and don’t miss the ground floor at all.” Howel-Evans adds that by changing the house into two flats the conversion attracted a lower-than usual level of VAT. The work cost £60,000.”