Jane Opher
BA (Hons) (Liverpool), DipArch (PCL) ARB

On completion of her studies at Liverpool University and The Polytechnic of Central London, Jane worked for Neylen and Ungless Architects in London for several years. After shorter periods of work in Mexico and Southern Spain, she spent two years with Arriola and Fiol in Barcelona working on their public spaces projects. These were a fundamental part of the regeneration of Barcelona in the 1990’s, and an area of design which was of great interest to her. ‘The Public Spaces of Barcelona’ was the subject of her dissertation at PCL in 1988. This program went on to win the city of Barcelona the RIBA gold medal in 1999.

Since returning to London in 1995, she has worked with various other practices alongside her own work, designing healthcare buildings, boutique hotels and new build housing. She also undertakes her own self-build projects, and is in the process of establishing a development company to undertake small scale sustainable new build housing projects. A fluent Spanish speaker, she has maintained her contact with Barcelona which she often visits , as well as travelling in South America and Mexico.